Food Tour -Half day

Discover Caramel and Cheese



Food Tour -Half day

First stop : Caramel d’Isigny Factory


To start the day, let’s discover the famous caramels d’isigny factory . They produce 300 tons of caramel per year . We will discover how it is made .

First, the ingredients are brewed and cooked in a traditional copper cooker. Cooking must be gentle in order to develop and retain all the aromas of caramel. It is only at the end of cooking, when all the ingredients mixed and cooked have taken their beautiful golden color, that we add the natural flavors.

It is with 70 varieties of Tender Caramels that the Caramels of Isigny make you travel and discover our French regional specialties. In addition to traditional caramels with vanilla, coffee, chocolate or hazelnut, come cover or rediscover the surprising but no less delicious flavors of caramels with calvados, Périgord walnut, Isigny butter PDO or the inevitable salted butter caramel with Guérande salt IGP!

The Isigny Caramels also offer Fondant Caramel: Taste it, the caramel fondant will surprise you! Also known as fudge among our British friends, it delights young and old because it does not stick to the teeth. From the first bite, it crunches and then melts in the mouth …

As Isigny’s Caramels like to vary the pleasures, the caramel melts are available with salted butter, vanilla and hazelnut.


Second stop: Cheese shop


I’ve chosen for you a cheese shop in Caen where they sell lots of french cheeses. You know France has 200 kind of cheese.

La fromagerie le Conquérant in caen will make you taste our local cheeses camembert, Pont l’évêque and Livarot known as the colonel because of its 5 stripes of sedge around it.

To go with it  , nothing better than a glass of local cider.





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Half day

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